Previous YAYA Hikes

Previous YAYA Hikes 

2020 January Day: Alger Alp via Squires Lake Loop, Mt Vernon.

2019 November Day: Pratt Connector Trail @ Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, North Bend.

2019 October Day: Mt Pilchuck, Granite Falls area

2019 October BP: Icicle Creek Valley-Leavenworth Area

2019 September Day: Baker Lake Trail to Maple Grove-Hwy 20, Concrete

2019 August BP: PCT White Pass to Chinook Pass-38 miles

2019 August Day: Noble Knob-Hwy 410, Greenwater

2019 July BP: Cady Creek-PCT-Cady Ridge Loop-Hwy 2, Lk Wenatchee area

2019 July Day: Little Saint Helens Loop: I-90, North Bend.

2019 June: BP: Pete Lake with day hike to NF Lemah Creek Meadows

2019 June: Day: Barclay Lake-Hwy 2-Baring.

2019 May: BP: Olympic Wilderness Coast-3rd Beach to Toleak-La Push

2019 May: Day: Tiger Mtn 3-Interstate 90-Issaquah

2019 April: BP: Duckabush River-to Five Mile Camp-Olympic Penin-Brinnon.

2019 April: Day: Margaret’s Way, Squak Mtn-I 90-Issaquah

2019 March: Service Project with Washington Trails Association, Cougar Mtn

2019: February: Snowshoe: Whitehorse Trail-SR530, Darrington

2019: February: Day: Pack Forest Little Mashel River Falls, Eatonville.

2019: January: Day: Anacortes Community Forest Lands-Heart Lake/Sugarloaf Mtn

2018 November – Day Hike: CCC Road at Blowout Creek to Tall Moss Cliff-North Bend.

2018 October – Day Hike: Hike-Old Sauk River Trail-Darrington.

2018 September – Day Hike: Hike to Mt Rainier NP-Ohanapecosh-Silver Falls Loop.

2018 August and September: no BP due to my leg injury.

2018 August – Day hike to Galena Chain Lks-Mt Baker Hwy-East of Bellingham.

2018 July – BP: Backpack to Goat Lake via Lake Christine & Mt Beljica-Ashford/Mt Rainier.

2018 July: Day hike: oops I ran off to Costa Rica!!

2018 June – BP: Backpack to Packwood Lake, south of Mt Rainier NP-Randle,Wa.

2018 June -Day Hike: Hike to Chanterelle Trail, Whatcom Lake-Bellingham.

2018 May – BP: Backpack to Lake Chelan Lakeshore Trail-Chelan.

2018 April – BP: Backpack to Umtanum Canyon, Yakima River Canyon-Yakima.

2018 April- Day Hike: hike to Capital Forest, Mima Falls Trail-south of Olympia

2018 March – Service Project: with the WTA at Soaring Eagle Regional Park-Redmond

2018 March – Day Hike: Hike to Chuckanut Mtns-Lily Lake and North Butte Loop-Bellingham

2018 Feb – Snowshoe: to Mountain Loop Hwy, Verlot-east of Everett

2018 Feb – Day Hike: to Green River Natural Area-east of Tacoma

2018 Jan – Day  Hike: to Rockport State Park, Rockport-east of Bellingham

2017 Jan – Day Hike: Swan Creek Trail, Tacoma

2017 Feb – Snowshoe: White River Trail, Greenwater

2017 Feb – Day Hike: Pilchuck Tree Farm, Stanwood

2017 March – Day Hike: Twin Falls via John Wayne Trail, North Bend

2017 April – Day Hike: Snoquera Falls, Greenwater

2017 April – Service Project: North Cascades National Park at Newhalem

2017 April – Backpack: Dosewalips River Road to Dosewalips Campground (former car camp) along closed road, Brinnon

2017 May – Day Hike: Iron Horse Trail at Cle Elum

2017 May – Backpack: Ross Lake, North Cascades

2017 June – Day Hike: Icicle Ridge, Leavenworth

2017 June – Backpack: Greenwater-Echo Lake, Greenwater

2017 July – Day Hike: Mason Lake, I90

2017 July – Backpack: 50 Miler, Olympic National Park, Enchanted Valley-O’Neil Lakes

2017 Aug – Day Hike: Barker River, Concrete-Hwy 20, Baker Lake

2017 Sept – Day Hike: Manastash Lake, Ellensburg-I90

2017 Sept – Backpack: Lakes Dorothy-Deer-Bear, Skykomish-Hwy 2

2017 Nov – Day Hike: Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, CCC Road to Campground Tail-North Bend-I90

2016 March – Day Hike: Easy 6 miles in/out. Elevation Gain: 400’. Mud Mountain Dam River Trail – Enumclaw.

2016 April – Day  Hike: Easy-Moderate: 8 miles in/out. Boulder River Trail-Darrington

2016 April – Service Project: Partner with Sound Salmon Solutions, to work on habitat restoration. Carnation:Tree planting – Duvall

2016 April-May – Backpack: For beginners. Baker Lake East Bank Trail – North Trailhead. Concrete-Hwy 20:

2016 May – Day Hike: Easy Moderate: 6 miles in/out. Ginkgo Forest State Park, Vantage-I90

2016 May – Backpack: Experienced backpackers only. The ocean coast – Ozette Beach Triangle, Olympic National Park

2016 June – Day Hike: Easy-Moderate: 6 miles in/out. Ashland Lakes – Verlot-Mtn Loop Hwy

2016 June – Backpack: For beginners. Same Prerequisites. Carbon River Mt  Rainier National to Ipsut Creek CG- Wilkerson

2016 July – Day Hike: Moderate: 6 miles in/out. Tonga Ridge-Mt Sawyer: Skykomish-Hwy 2:

2016 July – Backpack: Moderate. Cougar Lakes-Goose Prairie-Hwy 410: William O Douglas Wilderness:

2016 August – Day Hike: Moderate. 6 miles in/out. Park Butte Fire Lookout: Concrete-Hwy 20: Mt Baker Wilderness:

2016 August – Backpack: Moderate. Experienced backpackers only. Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument

2016 Sept – Day Hike: Moderate. 6 miles in/out. Lake Dorothy: Skykomish-Hwy 2: Alpine Lakes Wilderness:

2016 Oct – Day Hike: Easy-Moderate. 6 miles loop. Cottonwood & Mirror Lakes:  Hyak-I 90: