Hey Girl Scouts In 6th Grade and older

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Do you like. …Being out of doors? Exploring a forested trail and wondering what is around the next corner? Seeing cool wildlife? Stretching yourself physically sometimes? Hanging out with other teens that like the above? Getting away from stress and strife?

Then the YAYA Hiker outings are for you!

YAYA=Young Adults Yearning for Adventure.

We are based out of Lynnwood, Washington…but we travel far and wide to the deserts of Eastern Washington and the wild coast of the Pacific Ocean. We offer monthly hikes to Girl Scouts in 6th-12th Grade. This is not a troop that you join; you stay registered with your troop. This is another outing to go on in  addition to your troop’s activities.

Since this is a youth focused group, adults may come if space is available. Transportation  and trained GSWW volunteer Girl Scout leaders are provided for each hike.

HOW TO START– Take the Hiking 101  workshop, learn about hiking basics, and then you will be added to our distribution email list to hear about upcoming hikes. Check your schedule, then sign up for a  hike, meet us for the carpool, and have fun with other outdoor minded Girl Scouts!!
Our day hikes happen year round, with backpacking trips in the warmer months

Each month there may be different scouts on the hikes; come once, thrice,
or whenever. There isn’t any commitment to do all. We don’t have meetings or
Check the ‘Workshop Tab’ for current dates. If none work then email me as classes are setup based on interest.

How to get on the Workshop Notification Email List:  Use the below contact form, this sends an email to me at gsyayahikers@gmail.com.