Previous YAYA Hikes

Previous YAYA Hikes 

2019 July BP: Cady Creek-PCT-Cady Ridge Loop-Hwy 2- Lk Wenatchee area

2019 July Day: Little Saint Helens Loop: I-90, North Bend.

2019 June: BP: Pete Lake with day hike to NF Lemah Creek Meadows

2019 June: Day: Barclay Lake-Hwy 2-Baring.

2019 May: BP: Olympic Wilderness Coast-3rd Beach to Toleak-La Push

2019 May: Day: Tiger Mtn 3-I-90-Issaquah

2019 April: BP: Duckabush River-to Five Mile Camp-Olympic Penin-Brinnon.

2019 April: Day: Margaret’s Way, Squak Mtn-I 90-Issaquah

2019 March: Service Project with Washington Trails Association, Cougar Mtn

2019: February: Snowshoe: Whitehorse Trail-SR530-Darrington

2019: February: Day: Pack Forest Little Mashel River Falls-Eatonville.

2019: January: Day: Anacortes Community Forest Lands-Heart Lake/Sugarloaf Mtn


2018: November-Day: CCC Road at Blowout Creek to Tall Moss Cliff-North Bend.

2018: October: Day Hike-Old Sauk River Trail-Darrington.

2018: September: Day Hike to Mt Rainier NP-Ohanapecosh-Silver Falls Loop.

2018: August and September: no BP due to my leg injury.

2018: August: Day hike to Galena Chain Lks-Mt Baker Hwy-East of Bellingham.

2018: July: Backpack to Goat Lake via Lake Christine & Mt Beljica-Ashford/Mt Rainier.

2018: July Day hike: oops I ran off to Costa Rica!!

2018: June:Backpack to Packwood Lake, south of Mt Rainier NP-Randle,Wa.

2018: June:Day  Hike to Chanterelle Trail, Whatcom Lake-Bellingham.

2018: May: Backpack to Lake Chelan Lakeshore Trail-Chelan.

2018: April: Backpack to Umtanum Canyon, Yakima River Canyon-Yakima.

2018: April: Day hike to Capital Forest, Mima Falls Trail-south of Olympia

2018: March: Service Project with the WTA at Soaring Eagle Regional Park-Redmond

2018: March:Day Hike to Chuckanut Mtns-Lily Lake and North Butte Loop-Bellingham

2018: Feb: Snowshoe to Mountain Loop Hwy, Verlot-east of Everett

2018: Feb:Day Hike to Green River Natural Area-east of Tacoma

2018: Jan: Day  Hike to Rockport State Park, Rockport-east of Bellingham

Jan. 22, 2017

Day Hike


Swan Creek Trail

Tacoma-I 5

 Feb 11, 2017

Snowshoe day hike

White River Trail

Greenwater Hwy 410

Feb. 26, 2017

Day Hike

Pilchuck Tree  Farm

I5 at Stanwood

March 26, 2017

Day Hike

Twin Falls via John Wayne Trail

I 90-North Bend

April 15, 2017

Day Hike

Snoquera Falls

Hwy 410-south of Greenwater

April 22, 2017


EARTH Day Project: North Cascades National Park at Newhalem.
April 28-30, 2017


Dosewalips River Road to Dosewalips Campground (former car camp) along closed road.

Brinnon on the Olympic Peninsula-Hwy 101

May 13, 2017

Day Hike

Iron Horse Trail at Cle Elum

I 90 at Cle Elum

May 26-29, 2017


Ross Lake

North Cascades NP-Hwy 2

June 4, 2017

Day  Hike

Icicle Ridge

Leavenworth-Hwy 2

June 23-25, 2017


Greenwater-Echo Lake

Greenwater-HWY 410

July 8, 2017

Day Hike

Mason Lake

I 90

July 21-30, 2017

50 Miler BP

Olympic National Park

Enchanted Valley-O’Nneil Lakes

August 13, 2017

Day Hike

Baker River

Concrete-Hwy 20, Baker Lake

Sept 23, 2017, Day Manastash Lake-Ellensburg-I90


Lakes Dorothy-Deer-Bear

Skykomish-Hwy 2

Nov. 2017             Middle  Fork Snoqualmie

Day Hike                River, CCC Road to                                            Campground Trail-North                                     Bend-I 90

March 26, 2016

Day Hike

Easy: 6 miles in/out

Elevation Gain: 400’

Mud Mountain Dam River Trail-Enumclaw.

April 10, 2016

Day  Hike

Easy-Moderate: 8 miles in/out

Boulder River Trail-Darrington

April 23, 2016

Service Project

Partner with Sound Salmon Solutions, to work on habitat restoration.

Carnation:Tree planting-Duvall

April 30-May 1, 2016


For beginners:

 Baker Lake East Bank Trail-North Trailhead:Concrete-Hwy 20:

May 7, 2016

Day Hike

Easy Moderate: 6 miles in/out

Ginkgo Forest State Park-Vantage-I90-

May 27-30, 2016


Experienced backpackers only: the ocean coast-Ozette Beach Triangle: Olympic National Park:
 June 4, 2016

Day Hike

Easy-Moderate: 6 miles in/out

Ashland Lakes-Verlot-Mtn Loop Hwy

 June 24-26 Backpack For beginners: Same Prerequisites

Carbon River Mt  Rainier National-to Ipsut Creek CG- Wilkerson

July 2, 2016

Day Hike

Moderate: 6 miles in/out

Tonga Ridge-Mt Sawyer: Skykomish-Hwy 2:

July 24-26, 2016



Cougar Lakes-Goose Prairie-Hwy 410: William O Douglas Wilderness:

August 14, 2016

Day Hike

Moderate: 6 miles in/out

Park Butte Fire Lookout: Concrete-Hwy 20: Mt Baker Wilderness:

August 19-21, 2016


Moderate: Experienced backpackers only

Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument

Sept 17, 2016

Day Hike

Moderate: 6 miles in/out

Lake Dorothy: Skykomish-Hwy 2: Alpine Lakes Wilderness:

Oct 9, 2016                                                    Easy-Moderate: 6 miles loop

Day Hike                                                 Cottonwood & Mirror Lakes:  Hyak-I 90: