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2016 YAYA Hike Schedule


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Feb 28

Snowshoe Hike

Easy: 5 miles in/out

Elevation Gain: 100’

I90: Gold Creek Valley

March 26

Day Hike

Easy: 6 miles in/out

Elevation Gain: 400’

Hwy 410: Mud Mountain Dam River Trail

April 10

Day  Hike

Easy-Moderate: 8 miles in/out

SR 530: Boulder River Trail

April 23

Service Project

Partner with Sound Salmon Solutions, to work on habitat restoration.

Duvall-Carnation:Tree planting.

April 30-May 1


For beginners: Prerequisite: Been on 3 YAYA Day hikes, weigh a minimum of 100# and be approved by YAYA Leader.

Hwy 20: Baker Lake East Bank Trail

May 7

Day Hike

Easy Moderate: 6 miles in/out

I90: Ginkgo Forest State Park: Vantage

May 27-30


Experienced backpackers only: Olympic National Park: Ozette Beach Triangle
 June 4

Day Hike

Easy-Moderate: 6 miles in/out

Mtn Loop Hwy: Ashland Lakes

 June 24-26 Backpack For beginners: Same Prerequisites

Mt  Rainier National Park: Carbon River

July 2

Day Hike

Moderate: 6 miles in/out

Hwy 2: Tonga Ridge-Mt Sawyer

July 24-26



Hwy 410: William O Douglas Wilderness: Cougar Lakes

August 14

Day Hike

Moderate: 6 miles in/out

Hwy 20: Mt Baker Wilderness: Park Butte Fire Lookout

August 19-21


Moderate: Experienced backpackers only

I5: Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument

Sept 17

Day Hike

Moderate: 6 miles in/out

Hwy 2: Alpine Lakes Wilderness: Lake Dorothy

Oct 9                                                        Easy-Moderate: 6 miles loop

Day Hike                                                  I 90: Cottonwood & Mirror Lakes