2016-2017 YAYA Hike Schedule

For Girl Scouts-Grade 6-12th Grade

We hike RAIN or SHINE—-Be Prepared for both!!

2017 YAYA Schedule


Type of Hike

  Hike Stats



Nov. 19, 2017                               Easy

DAY HIKE                                     5-6 Miles, under 800′ gain


Oct. 28, 2017                                 Moderate

DAY Hike                                       5-6 Miles, under 1,000 gain


Sept. 30, 2017                                 Moderate-Moderate Plus

DAY Hike                                         5.5 Miles RT/1,500′ Gain

 Jan. 21, 2017

Day Hike


6 miles/500+300 gain

 Feb 11, 2017

Snowshoe day hike

  Prerequisites: Have been on at least 2 YAYA  day hikes.

Mt Rainier NP: Hwy 410 at Crystal Mtn SnoPark

Feb. 26, 2017

Day Hike



March 11, 2017

Day Hike

April 15, 2017

Day Hike



April 28-30, 2017


  Open to beginners: Prerequisites: Approval by Ellen based on stamina, maturity, been on 3 YAYA moderate level day hikes, & weigh minimum of 100#
May 13, 2017

Day Hike



May 26-29, 2017


  Training trip for the 50 Miler group.

Ross Lake NRCA-Hwy 20

June 4, 2017

Day  Hike


Icicle Ridge, Leavenworth, Hwy 2…………………….6 Miles RT with 1,800 gain


June 23-25, 2017


  Prerequisites-Experienced backpackers who have already backpacked with the YAYA hikers as of 5/1/2017.

Moderate Level: Greenwater and Lost Lakes, Hwy 410

July 8, 2017

Day Hike

  Moderate Plus

Mason Lake-Ira Spring  Trail, I 90

July 20-30, 2017


  50 Miler Backpack-trip is FULL

Olympic National Park

August 13

Day Hike

  Easy: 6 Miles RT/ 500′ gain

Baker River, Baker Lake, Hwy 20

Sept: TBD


  Prerequisites-Experienced YAYA Day hikers who have been on 3 dayhikes with the YAYA hikers as of 91/2017.

All Hikers must bring: Gear, food, and 10 Essentials per YAYA list, current GSWW Health History Record, and parent signed GSWW permission slip. And a smile!

Plus cash for shared gas costs and post hike treat.

Get Outside and Play!!